Episode 001 — Hydrate and a Preview of What’s to Come


This week’s tip: Hydrate


The common wisdom we encounter on the web, from well-meaning relatives, from health fans, etc., is that we should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Or maybe not. It’s become surprisingly controversial.

Presenters should probably drink more. It’s easy to become dehydrated while speaking, especially, if you’ll be speaking for a while. Speaking and projecting means exhaling more moisture than standard conversation. It’s important to replace that moisture by staying hydrated.



Post Tip Discussion


The Goal for the Podcast


Communication skills are more important than ever, and there are a lot of aspects to that — spelling, grammar, email etiquette, small talk, introductions, and public speaking. My goal is to help you become a more effective public speaker.


I often say, “Don’t get best, get better.” It’s great if you want to become the best speaker ever, and that is a tough standard. It requires a tremendous amount of work, time, and practice. And it requires that others don’t become better than you.


Instead, I want to help you get a better. Just focus on being a little better every day. That’s how you improve and become more effective. Just get better every day. The tips I introduce each week, and the deeper discussion that follows, will help you do that.


Ground Rules


Each episode will begin with a 2 minute practical tip that can make you more effective. I won’t do an pre-roll ads, and you won’t have to wait for a long intro to pass. If you have only 2 minutes a week, you’ll get value from the podcast.


After the tip, I’ll include an introduction and then a 15-20 minute discussion that may include interviews, conceptual discussions, book reviews, or other discussions relevant to public speakers.


Who am I?


I’m Bill Monroe, a professional speaker and trainer with more than 15 years’ experience teaching folks to be more effective in the their jobs. My background as a speaker goes back even further.


When it comes to public speaking, I believe (among other things) in these five principles.


  1. Anyone can do better.
  2. Genuine passion matters.
  3. Logic alone will not win.
  4. Your audience wants you to succeed.
  5. Preparation matters.


Do you have any comments or questions? What topics to you want to hear more about? Post them here, or call us at 650-TalkTip (650-825-5847)

Have a great day.