Episode 007 — Empty Your Pockets and Prepare Your Audience

This Week’s Tip: Empty Your Pockets

We often fill our pockets with gadgets and wallets and keys and lint. Before speaking, take all that stuff out of your pockets, and stash it in your bag, desk, best friend’s pockets or someplace else. Speaking with full pockets simply invites distractions that you don’t need.

Post Tip Discussion: Prepare and Prewire Your Audience

Communication is the process by which shared meaning is created.
— Practically every Communications text book I’ve ever read
To maximize the effectiveness of your presentation, make sure the audience is ready to understand it.  Prepare them for it by letting them know what your session will cover. This will help them focus on the topics you are discussing.

When you have the opportunity to prewire the audience, do that as well. When you prewire, you meet with attendees in advance. You can brief them on the topic of your presentation, understand any questions they may have, listen to their objections, research responses, and modify your plans. As a result, you will be better prepared for your actual session.

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