Episode 009 — No Eye Charts and Manage Your Q&A

This Week’s Tip: No Eye Charts


Eye charts are presentation slides will small text, lots of numbers, and/or detailed charts. They might look okay on the presenter’s desk, but to the audience, they are illegible. A presenter will often apologize for the eye chart and simple state the point they want to make. The better option is not to use illegible slides at all. If the audience can’t read it, there’s no value in the slide.

Here are some tips to avoid them:

  • Use only fonts larger than 24 points
  • Include only the most relevant part of a spreadsheet
  • Trim extra labels from charts
  • Break up a single eye chart into multiple, legible slides
  • Look at your slides from the back of the room while practicing so you see what the audience will see


Post Tip Discussion: Managing Q&A


Question and Answer is an unavoidable part of a live presentation. When you manage Q&A well, you conduct a more effective presentation. We’ll talk more about handling questions in future episodes. For now, there are four key areas we focus on:

  • You can take questions during your sessions
  • You don’t have to take all the questions
  • You might get stumped, and that’s okay
  • You can help your audience shine by taking their questions


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  • Avoid eye charts and practice your Q&A approach
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