Episode 027 — Purge Stale Material and Introduce Yourself



2 Minute Tip: Purge Stale Material


If you do a lot of public speaking, it’s likely you have some go-to lines or jokes that you like. Eventually the can stop resonating with your audience. Times change. Technology changes. Speakers grow and change. It’s important to periodically step back and maker sure your quips and comments are still relevant and getting the reaction you want. If they no longer work, then purge that stale content.


Post Tip Discussion: Introduce Yourself


Introducing yourself to your audience can be an important way to establish credibility with tem. It’s an opportunity to tell them why the should listen to you.


This week, we talked about four types of introductions:

  1. No Introduction
  2. Basic Facts
  3. Story Telling
  4. Host Led


They all have advantages and disadvantages, though I tend to favor an intro that involves telling a story.


Call To Action


  1. How do you introduce yourself to your audience? Let us know in the comments, or leave a message on the listener feedback line at 650-TALK-TIP
  2. If you don’t have an intro or professional bio, start working on one today
  3. Review your stock material and purge the stuff that no longer works
  4. Don’t get best…get better


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