Episode 034 — Don’t Trust the Internet and Learn from Ghost Stories


2-Minute Tip: Don’t Trust the Internet


There are many times it seems like a good idea to use the Internet in a presentation, but if you do, make sure you have a plan B. All sorts of things can go wrong. Your audience might take up all the bandwidth. Your presentation space may have poor coverage. You could encounter too much radio interference. These problems might not show up during rehearsal; they might only manifest when your audience is in the room. You don’t want to troubleshoot in the middle of your talk.


If you plan to use the Internet, have a plan B, and execute that plan quickly if the network fails.


Post Tip Discussion: Learn from Ghost Stories


Today is Halloween, which makes me think about stories. Storytelling has a long history and is an important skill for speakers to develop. But today let’s talk about a specific type of story — the ghost story.


There are 7 lessons speakers can learn from ghost stories.


  1. Setting matters
  2. Community matters
  3. Pacing matters
  4. Volume matters
  5. The unexpected matters
  6. Practice matters
  7. Slides do not matter


Now let’s have some fun. Sort of. I almost met a ghost when I was a student at Carroll College. I tell that story in this week’s Halloween episode.


Call To Action


  • Learn from ghost stories the next time you build a presentation.
  • Don’t always assume the internet will work.
  • Share this episode with a friend or colleague.
  • Sleep tight, if you can.
  • Don’t get best.. get better.



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