Episode 042 — Top 10 Public Speaking Tips


Top 10 Public Speaking Tips


As we wrap up 2017 and plunge headlong into 2018, we are also approaching the first anniversary of 2-Minute Talk Tips. Let’s take a look back at my favorite public speaking tips of the year. That’s right, it’s time for a clip show.  That also makes this a great episode to introduce someone to 2-Minute Talk Tips, or to form the basis of a New Year’s Resolution to be a better public speaker in 2018. Her are the top 10 public speaking tips with links to their original episodes. Enjoy.


  1. Use a Timer
  2. Use Silence
  3. Explore the cursor Keys
  4. Record yourself
  5. Sit up Straight
  6. Avoid the G-Word
  7. No Eye Charts
  8. Take More Pictures
  9. Sit in the Back
  10. Bring Candy


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