Episode 075 — Write Your Thoughts Down and Meet Magician Victoria Mavis

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2-Minute Tip: Write it Down


'Ideas are magical. They disappear into nowhere when you don't get hold of them on paper.' -- @victoriamavis2 #publicspeaking #magic Click To Tweet

In the run up to a talk, our minds can go all over the place. Thoughts come and go, and it can get pretty loud inside our heads. It becomes hard to focus on what we need to do and to be present like we ought to be to maximize our success.


One way to deal with this is to write down all those thoughts on a piece (or pieces) of paper. That gets them out of your head and your brain can let them go since you can deal with them later if you choose.


I find this helpful at other times, too, when I get overwhelmed with stress or my mind starts racing. Just write it all down and get on with the things you need to do.


Post Tip Discussion


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Victoria and I talked about this focus and the importance of being present for the audience and in conversation. We also talked about the power of speaking to an audience and the possibilities with podcasting today.


Victoria Mavis is worldwide one of only a few professional female magicians. She started doing magic at the age of 4 and had her first stage show at the age of 7. She has two academic degrees, a background in hypnosis, is a member of the magic circle in Germany as well as Rotary International. She also published her first book in 2017. While performing a lot of mental magic on stage she started getting closer to the real secrets of magic… tools that can improve our lives, bringing us closer to our dreams, break through blocks and even get in touch with quantum physics.


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One thing stage magic and public speaking have in common is the importance of being present. A magician uses discipline, focus, and misdirection to create an experience that challenges an audience’s perception of reality and tries to interrupt the patterns the live their life with. That requires tremendous effort and skill on the part of the magician. They can’t just let their mind wander on stage.


As a speaker you need to be focused on your audience, delivering the message, and driving to your goal of what you want the audience to do.

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  • What do you think of the intersection between magic and public speaking? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • Check out Victoria’s new book and get chapter 1 here.
  • Write down your thoughts before your next talk.
  • Don’t get best…get better.


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