Episode 080 — Thread a Story Through your Talk and Meet Diana Wink

'It started with my mom reading out loud to me always. So, to all parents out there: Read to your kids. It's such a valuable time -- such a valuable thing to do.' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet


2-Minute Tip: Thread a story through your talk


Figure out how to tell a story in your talk. Story telling is a powerful tool and is a great way to engage your audience from the moment you step in front of the crowd. Don’t stop at opening with the story, though. Weave that same story through your talk and keep coming back to it, either to reference it or to advance it. It provides a simple, entertaining way for your audience to remain engaged while you speak and to better understand the context of the various points in your talk.

'Stories always touch me at my deepest core and I think that's for everyone out there because they're kind of a universal language that help us make sense of reality.' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

Post Tip Discussion: Meet Diana Wink


Diana Wink HeadshotDiana is an author and a coach who writes dystopian novels set in Scotland from her base in Germany while helping folks around the world learn the crafts of story telling and creativity. She studied film making in school, but ultimately made her initial career in writing due to the economics of the fields. Ultimately those 2 media are just different takes on her core passion — story telling.


There are  lots of compelling lessons in this episodes both big and small. Three of them are:



  1. Creativity and story telling are crafts, not talents.
  2. When speaking to another culture, try to connect with the stories they grew up with.
  3. Make your stories personal and detailed.


'People don't want to be taught or preached at because that's annoying.' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

Diana Wink is a mountain child from the depths of middle Asia, striving to kidnap her readers into make-believe worlds, blend the borders between past and future, and master her own curiosity. In her spare time, she directs movies and rewatches Christopher Nolan films, empowers creatives to tell stories themselves and explores theaters, cities and wilderness with her bearded dancer husband. They have their base in Germany, but who knows where they are currently to be found?


Diana’s first novel in the Prometheus Rising Trilogy is available on Amazon and in most other places that you find books.

Prometheus Rising Cover


You can download a free copy of the novella Shanakee’s tale — the prequel to the Prometheus Rising Trilogy from Diana’s website here.

Shanakee's Tale Cover

'Storytelling is all about the details' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet



'Everybody can be creative if we just break down this barrier in our thinking.' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

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'Everybody has something inside of him or her that is unique and that the world needs. Everybody has something to say. Everybody basically has a story to tell.' -- @storyartist_me #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

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