Episode 093 — 18 Public Speaking Tips



2018 has been a great year for 2-Minute Talk Tips, and I got to talk with some amazing people from around the world for the show, This week, I pull together the initial tip from each guest into a single episode. If you want to listen to the whole episode each tip came from or explore the guest’s background, click in the link below.


Episode  Guest Tip
62 Iszi Lawrence Tell a story
66 Mario Porreca Practice in the shower
68 Melanie Childers Raise Your Energy
69 Pradeepa Narayanaswami 3 Tips for stage comfort
70 Melissa Bird Find Your Fire
73 Catie Harris Connect with your audience
75 Victoria Mavis Write down your thoughts
76 Louise Brogan Make eye contact
77 Patricia Missakian Influence one person
78 Hilary Billings Focus on feeling
79 Denise Vaughan Know you can do it
80 Diana Wink Thread a story through your talk
81 Bilal Moin Be alive
87 Scott Charlston Choose your headline
89 Andrew ‘Mecha’ Davis Practice in the mirror
90 Donnie Boivin Get on stage
91 Philip Andrew Describe your audience
92 Greet your audience Dave Jackson


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