Episode 109 — Failing to Success with Amy Lyle

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2-Minute Tip: Challenge the Audience to Discover Truth


Immediately challenge the audience to discover a truth about themselves that proves the premise of your talk. If the group knows that you have an appreciation or understanding of their personal (or business) situation, they will engage. As a bonus, make them laugh within the first 30 seconds.

There is a lot of performance in public speaking and corporate training when you're dealing with very large groups of people and you have to engage them for you know, six to seven to eight hours a day. -- @AmyLyle #PublicSpeaking Click To Tweet

Post Tip Discussion: Meet Amy Lyle


I always enjoy to talking to folks who follow a path similar to mine — sales, training, speaking. The way our careers end up different despite a similar progression is fascinating and demonstrates the possibilities available to all of us. There is not one path to your destination and not one destination for a path.


Amy Lyle is one of those guests who followed a path similar to mine and has built the latest iteration of her career out of failure. Or rather, talking about failure — her own and giving people an opportunity to share theirs. And she’s funny! And compelling.


I really enjoyed hearing about the training sessions she ran for recruiters. The programs may have been tough for new folks, but helping them find out early the role is not for them is valuable.


We also have a great conversation about sales and storytelling. Amy even references Iszi Lawrence’s appearance from last year.


When it seems like the interview is over, keep listening because we kept talking. And enjoy talking about sweet, sweet failure. And an alpaca.

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Amy Lyle with Mannequin legsMost people avoid talking about their most cringe-worthy moments but not our next guest, Amy Lyle.  She has turned her own disasters into The Book of Failures and her newest release, We’re All A Mess, It’s OK is a collection of funny essays and one-liners about the struggles of everyday life.


Amy believes that the filtered world is making us all feel less than and tearing us apart- but being authentic and sharing your faux pas with others brings people together.
She’s a frequent guest on WXIA’s  Atlanta and Company’s, author, actor and public speaker.





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Amy’s Website


We’re All a Mess, and It’s Okay


The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures


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Random ramblings with Rob on Twitter



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