Episode 112 — Caring, Connection, and Touch with Richard Kauffman

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2-Minute Tip: Caring is key

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

As with so many strategies for success in speaking, it often comes down to the audience. How well do you know them? How well do you connect with them?

Most importantly, do they trust you?

Try to connect with the audience and make them feel you care and are listening to them and their concerns. Once you have established that level of rapport, they are much more likely to believe you when you speak to them.

Even till today, I’m a hugger. I don’t like shaking hands and fist bumps. I’m a hugger. I like, you know, hugging people.  — @RickKauffman07 #TheComebackCoach #PublicSpeakingEven till today, I'm a hugger. I don't like shaking hands and fist bumps. I'm a hugger. I like, you know, hugging people. -- @RickKauffman07 #TheComebackCoach #PublicSpeaking Click To Tweet

Post-Tip Discussion: Meet Richard Kauffman

I do have a content warning for this episode. We do talk about both suicide and addiction. It’s a big part of Richard’s history and the journey of recovery he’s on today.

Richard Kauffman is a member of an elite group. He joins Nursepreneur Catie Harris (Http://2minutetalktips.com/Catie and Http://Strokecast.com/Catie) as only the second guest to appear on both 2-Minute Talk Tips and Strokecast.

I originally spoke with Richard in August of 2018 in Episode 29 of Strokecast about his experience surviving an ocular stroke when he was wounded in combat. Over the past year his projects and initiatives have grown quite a bit. He’s doing more work to help people than ever before.

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Compassion and Caring

The theme that runs through this episode is about compassion and connection. It’s about connecting with your audience, connecting with individuals, allowing folks to truly talk with you, and enhancing that connection through the power of touch.

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Richard Kauffman headshot in a car wearing a cap

Richard brands himself as #TheComebackCoach, helping people comeback from life challenges many thought they might not survive.

Richard Kaufman has had a fascinating life. At various points he has been…

  • An addict
  • Homeless
  • In the Army
  • Wounded in a Humvee
  • A retail salesperson
  • A survivor of an ocular stroke
  • A Podcaster
  • A speaker
  • And #TheComebackCoach

Richard’s book is available on Amazon. Just search for A Hero’s Journey.. From Darkness to light or click here.

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Babe — Styx

No matter how old you are you can always come back. Everybody loves a comeback story. -- @RickKauffman07 #TheComebackCoach #PublicSpeaking Click To Tweet


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Call to Action

Whether you’re selling time shares, connecting with a support group, or presenting to a thousand people, compassion and connection are how you can be effective with your audience.

  • If you want to hear more from Richard, visit Strokecast.com/Richard to hear our previous conversation
  • Check out the list above to see Richard’s links, podcast, website, and find his book on Amazon.
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  • Don’t get best…get better.

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