Episode 086 — Incorporate Excellence and Brevity

  2-Minute Tip: Incorporate, Don’t Emulate   A movie that’s inspired by a true story takes elements of that story and creates its own thing from it to move the audience. It doesn’t attempt to duplicate the original story itself because that would be a documentary and not a theatrical tale. Both the original story and the entertaining film can be excellent things, but they are different things.   When…

Episode 055– Slide are not Time and Talk Less, Say More

  2-Minute Tip: Slides are not Time   How many slides should be in a 15-minute presentation?   How long is a 10-slide presentation?   I don’t know because the number of slides is a poor proxy for presentation length. I would rather see a presenter add more slides than to use a small font. Splitting one slide into multiple slides doesn’t lengthen your presentation. It just makes content more legible….