Episode 055– Slide are not Time and Talk Less, Say More

  2-Minute Tip: Slides are not Time   How many slides should be in a 15-minute presentation?   How long is a 10-slide presentation?   I don’t know because the number of slides is a poor proxy for presentation length. I would rather see a presenter add more slides than to use a small font. Splitting one slide into multiple slides doesn’t lengthen your presentation. It just makes content more legible….

Episode 045 — Know Your Gear and 5 Steps to Better Slides

    2-Minute Tip: Know Your Gear   Whether its a projector, TV, laptop, audio hookup, or slide clicker, get to know your gear before you conduct your presentation. Figure out in advance how everything works so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to figure out why something doesn’t work the way you thought it would. If there is a problem making something work, you want to know about…