Episode 085 — Take a Beat and Tips on Apologies

  2-Minute Tip: Take a Beat   Have you ever noticed that a speaker will step up to their speaking spot (fancy technical term there), look down, then up, scan the room silently, and then start speaking? They’re taking a moment to prep themselves for the talk they are about to deliver. While that whole ritual may be a little much, there is value in taking a moment to take…

Episode 084 — Control the Lights and 9 Ways to Get More Speaking Time

  2-Minute Tip: Control the Lights   An important part of room setup is the lighting. You want folks to see you and any visual aids you are using without straining them selves so lighting matters. What does good lighting look like? Well, it depends.   If you are using a data projector, you likely need to minimize sunlight and dim the lights near the screen while keeping the rest…

Episode 083 — Note Something Interesting and The Six Ps of Presenting

2-Minute Tip: Note Something interesting Everyday   It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we are not creative. Or that we have nothing to say beyond the basics of our message. Or that writer’s block is impenetrable. Or that we are just going to bore our audience.   That can happen because we take our own experiences for granted. We think our lives are just boring or normal….

Episode 082 — Act as If and Impostor Syndrome

2-Minute Tip: Act as If   When you are nervous, or think you don’t see,m confident, don’t tell yourself not to be nervous or just be more confident. That rarely works; it usually just makes things worse. Instead, think about other speakers you know who don’t appear nervous (they might actually be). How do the act? Can you adopt some of those behaviors? Try to act like you’re not nervous….