Episode 081 — Be Alive and Meet 16-Year Old Entrepreneur Bilal Moin

'The benefit of starting young is that you can start talking about anything after a certain point.' -- Bilal Moin #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

2-Minute Tip: Be Alive


When giving a talk, focus less on scripted words, especially those scripted by someone else. Speak instead from you mind, from your heart, and from your soul. When you do that you can fully engage the ethos, pathos, and logos you need to make a compelling argument.

'Honestly , it's the thrill of it because every audience is different…every topic is different.' -- Bilal Moin #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

Post Tips Discussion: Meet Bilal Moin


Bilal Moin PhotoBilal Moin is a 16-year old student and entrepreneur from Mumbai. He is the founder and CEO of 2 companies, one called The MUNkey Business and another called Metamorphospace.


The Munkey Business is a partnership between avid Model UN competitors (MUN’ers), experienced delegates and aspiring students with one simple goal: making MUNs simpler for all. The organization offers one of India’s most expansive Model United Nations training and support program for aspiring delegates by providing online training sessions, research documents and oratory training. The MUNkey Business also pioneered conference promotion packages in India, providing advertisements services to reputed conferences at the University and School level, as well as private MUN bodies, both in India and abroad.


MetamorphoSpace is a sustainable, affordable and ever-transforming retail spaces for small businesses in developing cities. A novel solution to expensive real estate in overcrowded urban environments, our sustainable metamorphosing work-spaces for tertiary enterprises help small businesses flourish in developing cities, and aims to transform urban real estate distribution as we know it.


Bilal is a student of economics and history, and is well versed with the financial, political and business fields. He is also a published author, poet and national debater.


'Another beautiful thing about speaking in India to an Indian audience is you can somehow merge 2 languages. You can bring in Hindi words into English. You can bring English words into Hindi and somehow make a very strong impact.' --… Click To Tweet


One of the things we talk about is the nature of language. It’s something I ask about a lot, especially with my guests who are poly-lingual. After all, our words are the core part of our public presentations. One thing that came up in or conversation was the idea of mixing languages while speaking. In this case, we specifically talked about speaking in English and incorporating Hindi words or speaking in Hindi and incorporating English words. Bilal cited the work of Shashi Tharoor. You can see Dr. Tharoor speak here:





'If you're able to connect to even at least 50% of your audience you have a good speech.' -- Bilal Moin #publicspeaking Click To Tweet


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'Sure content matters, but the way an individual reacts to the content is far more important.' -- Bilal Moin #publicspeaking Click To Tweet

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