Episode 035 — Let the Audience React and Ancient Rhetoric Today


2-Minute Tip: Let the Audience Respond


When you tell a joke, make a humorous aside, show an entertaining picture, or land a heavy or emotional point, it’s important to give your audience a chance to experience the emotions you’ve just inspired in them.


That means that while you plan your presentation, and your timing, you need to allow time to respect your audience’s reaction. Remember also that when you practice you will not get the emotional response. Don’t become so wedded to your practice timing that you skip over the response in the actual session.


Post Tip Discussion: Ancient Rhetoric Today


There’s lot’s of new stuff to learn about public speaking, but that doesn’t mean older stuff suddenly becomes obsolete. Nearly 2,500 years ago, Aristotle gave us a model for understanding rhetoric by balancing the spheres of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.


  • Logos refers to the logical elements of a presentation.
  • Pathos refers to the emotional impact the speaker has on the audience.
  • Ethos refers to the credibility the speaker has with the audience.


For maximum success, a speaker must engage all three spheres with their audience.


Call To Action:


  • The next time you attend a presentation, try and identify the different ways the speaker uses each one.
    • If the presentation is not effective, is one of the three missing?
    • Which one?
    • How would you fix it?
  • Tell us your thoughts on Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in the comments below.
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