Podcast Guest Information

Here’s an overview of the process for recording an episode of 2-Minute Talk Tips.


First, we’ll need to schedule a time to record. You can pick a time on my calendar here: http://calendly.com/currentlybill. If none of those times work for you, let me know, and we’ll see what else we can come up with.


Second, once we have a time set, I’ll work on a list of questions for and end them over to you. The questions aren’t a questionnaire. They simply guide the conversation.  I’ll likely pursue follow-ups and may skip some based on the flow of the conversation. If there are topics you’d like to avoid or others you’d like me to go into in greater detail, just let me know.


Third, I’ll ask for a Bio and headshot that you’d like to use in the show notes.


Fourth, we meet online using Zoom.US, and we record the interview/chat. This tool supports video, but we’ll be using audio only. That generally gives slightly better results.


Fifth, I will be editing the conversation so if you misstate anything, want to try something again, or think you said something you shouldn’t, just say so. I’ll be happy to fix that in post.


Sixth, I’ll ask you for a practical, actionable tip that a speaker can implement tomorrow to make them a more effective speaker.


Seventh, I’ll edit the show and pull out key tweetable phrases. I’ll send you an info sheet with those Tweets, episode links, web embed codes, and launch time.


Special Note for Podcasters: If it’s feasible, I’d love to do a double-ender, where you record your side of the conversation locally and then send me your WAV file. Then I’ll edit the two sides together. If that’s not feasible for whatever reason, that’s fine, too. We can use the standard process.