Episode 083 — Note Something Interesting and The Six Ps of Presenting

2-Minute Tip: Note Something interesting Everyday   It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we are not creative. Or that we have nothing to say beyond the basics of our message. Or that writer’s block is impenetrable. Or that we are just going to bore our audience.   That can happen because we take our own experiences for granted. We think our lives are just boring or normal….

Episode 056 — Create a Desktop Folder and 7 Tips for Better Conclusions

    2-Minute Tip: Create a Folder   Many of us have thousands of files on our computers, in our clod drives, and attached to email messages. Getting to the right one can take some work. That’s fine when we are by ourselves and have a few moments to spare. During a presentation, or between presentations, it can be more challenging.   Sometimes we may need to drop out of…

Episode 055– Slide are not Time and Talk Less, Say More

  2-Minute Tip: Slides are not Time   How many slides should be in a 15-minute presentation?   How long is a 10-slide presentation?   I don’t know because the number of slides is a poor proxy for presentation length. I would rather see a presenter add more slides than to use a small font. Splitting one slide into multiple slides doesn’t lengthen your presentation. It just makes content more legible….

Episode 048 — Keep Your Shirt Off and Understand Criteria

    2-Minute Tip: Keep Your Shirt Off   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (if you believe “Big Breakfast”). When travelling to give a talk, we may start the day with room service breakfast in a hotel room while we putter about getting ready for the day. That makes it really easy to spill coffee or jelly on your presentation outfit if you get fully dressed…

Episode 037 — Be Thankful and Structure Your Talk

2-Minute Tip: Be Thankful   As we begin Thanksgiving week here in the US, it’s a good time to think about being thankful as speakers. And not just to the universe or deity(ies) of your choice. While speaki9ng may seem like a solitary activity where we are on stage or at the front of a conference room by ourselves, there are a lot of other people involved in our talks,…