Episode 030 — Say Thanks and Building a Talk


2 Minute Tip: Say Thanks


When we conduct a successful presentation, audience members will often give us a compliment. When they do that, say, “Thanks. I appreciate that.”


Don’t tell them they’re wrong, and don’t deflect the compliment. Simply accept it with grace and thank them for their kind words.


Program Notes


  1. 2-Minute Talk Tips now has a Facebook Page. You can like us and comment on episodes on Facebook, if you prefer to interact there instead of this web site. Visit 2 Minute Talk Tips on Facebook today.
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  3. This week, I join Jon Clarke on Caffeinated Comics on the Radio Misfits Network to talk about Star Trek: Discovery. Last week on 2 Minute Talk Tips, I talked about what speakers can  learn from the premier. This week, Jon and I mainly debate its awesomeness.


Post Tip Discussion: Building a Talk


Through a set of circumstances I was invited to give a short talk to a group of Physical and Occupational Therapists. This week I talk about two key lessons I learned while preparing the talk.


  1. Say Things out loud to people
  2. Behold the power of Facebook


I also included a draft of the short talk I gave where I discuss achieving goal, an alien spaceship and neuroplasticity.



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  4. Say, “Thanks,” when you get a compliment.
  5. Don’t get best…get better

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