Episode 068 — Raise Your Energy and Meet Melanie Childers

The people who are going to promote you are not necessarily looking at are you busting your butt every day; they need to see that you believe in yourself, too, and I think that men just do a better job with that. --@EnlightenBadass Click To Tweet

2-Minute Tip: Raise Your Energy


One of the most powerful things you can do to conduct an effective presentation is to raise your energy and dominate your stage. There are a lot of ways you can do that. You can channel your inner Lady Gaga or try running in place. Regardless of how you do it, a high energy level will put you in a position to let your message burst through.


Post-Tip Discussion: Meet Melanie Childers

Melanie Childers Headshot

Melanie is a coach focused on helping progressive women run for political office or other wise change the world through advocacy. Her own experience surviving cancer helped her chart this new path to make her world a better place.

I think so many women are recognizing that… that, 'Oh, actually, I've been playing it very safe.' You don't have to. You can have whatever you want. Right now. Go get it. -- @EnlightenBadass Click To Tweet

We have a wide-ranging discussion this week that covers topics like confidence, focusing on a message, the challenges women face in running for office that often men do not, the nature of neuroplasticity, depression, suicide, authenticity, and mindset to name a few.

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I first encountered Melanie through Lyn Henderson’s Inside Knowledge podcast. It was a great discussion so I had to invite her on 2-Minute Talk Tips.

Your body responds to fear and excitement the same way. --@EnlightenBadass Click To Tweet

As I spoke with Melanie this week, Mario Porreca 2 weeks ago, and next week’s guest, one theme that comes through is the importance of controlling and choosing your mindset. To be successful, you first have to believe you can be successful. The other common theme is the importance of authenticity — of sharing a message you can believe it. When speaking from the heart, the discussion is less about yourself, or, rather, your ego. It let’s the audience more fully experience your story.

You have to work on the mindset that I'm going to do this and sometimes it's going to be awful and sometimes it's going to be great, but I have to do it. It's so important. And that's why going back to your why is so valuable because… Click To Tweet

We mentioned a number of resources this week. Here is a collection of those links.



Call To Action


  • What are your thoughts on running for office or otherwise using public speaking to change the world? Let us know in the comments below.
  • Check out Melanie’s website and services at The Enlightened Bad-ass.
  • Do you know someone who might benefit from this episode? Share this link with them: http://2minutetalktips.com/Melanie
  • Raise your energy before your next talk.
  • Don’t get best…get better.


That ultimately, I think, is the biggest fear that people have. It's not so much what other people are going to say; it's what am I going to say to myself if I mess this up. --@EnlightenBadass Click To Tweet

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