Episode 073 — Connect with your Audience and Meet NursePreneur Catie Harris

'Speaking is an amazing way to get your message out, to be seen as an authority and to really connect with your audience.' -- @TheNPLife Click To Tweet


2-Minute Tip: Connect with your Audience

'Relating from your heart and your experience…the information is delivered so much better' -- @TheNPLife #publicspeaking #storytelling Click To Tweet

Often you don’t need to adopt a high energy approach and dance around the stage. Focus instead on making a connection with your audience. Share stories. Help them see the things they have in common with you. That makes your presentation more credible and memorable.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet NursePreneur Catie Harris


I connected initially with Catie Harris through the work I do with Strokecast.

'People remember the stories. They don't remember me talking about my PowerPoint, but they'll remember the intracranial hemorrhage patient that I tell a story about.' --@TheNPLife #publicspeaking #storytelling Click To Tweet

Catie has a background in nursing, specializing in neuro patients, like stroke survivors. After working in a clinical setting for years she decided to leverage that experience to pursue other opportunities in transitional care, and now in helping other nurses pursue the next chapter of their lives as business owners. Speaking has played a key role in her career both at the hospital and in her current endeavors.


Theses are the 4 most important lessons to come out of this episode:


  1.  Speaking helps establish your credibility. If you want to be seen as an expert, looking for and accepting speaking opportunities is a great way to do it.
  2. The worst of the speaking anxiety is before you start talking. Once you start, for many folks it goes away. It’s one reason I recommend memorizing your intro.
  3. The stories you tell are how you connect with your audience and are the things they will remember most.
  4. Begin with the end in mind. Figure out your goal and build the rest of the talk around that.
'The stories that we tell each other are really what shape our profession.' --@TheNPLife #publicspeaking #storytelling Click To Tweet

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'It's just that period right before you get on stage -- Cause as soon as you start talking everything just seems to be normal. But it's the moment right before you open your mouth that is the highest anxiety.' -- @TheNPLife Click To Tweet

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  • What are your thoughts on Catie’s story? Share them in the comments below.
  • Check out CatieHarris.com to learn more about Catie and her NursePreneur Training Program.
  • Share this episode with friends and colleagues through email, social media, or text message by sending the the link http://2minutetalktips.com/catie
  • Connect with your audience through storytelling.
  • Don’t get best…get better.


'What is the one thing I want the audience to walk away and remember from this talk? And then I'm going to center everything around that. So when I'm preparing a talk I always have that outcome in mind.' -- @TheNPLife Click To Tweet

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