Episode 087 — Choose Your Headline and Meet Scott Charlston

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2-Minute Tip: Choose Your Headline


As you frame your talk, make sure you choose the headline for it.  Flip through a newspaper or magazine and look at the headlines. Their job is to give you a little bit of information in a way that is compelling enough that you want to read more. They have to be short. They can be funny, But when you define the headlines for your talk, you also need it to get people to come see you and give you their time.


Think about your headline as the kind of thing that might be the subject line of an email or go on a poster advertising your talk. If you already know your goal for the talk and what you want people to take away from your talk, you should be able to develop the headline easily. If you can’t, then maybe your talk isn’t quite ready yet and you need to review your goals again.

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Post Tip Discussion: Meet Scott Charlston


'It's important for leaders of all organizations to understand the skepticism with which journalists are paid to come to the table.' -- @scottcharlston #publicspeaking #publicrelations #pr Click To Tweet


Scott Charlston HeadshotI first met Scott through a professional job hunting workshop where we are both looking for our next adventures. If you’re looking for a great PR or media relations expert, reach out to Scott. If you’re looking for a corporate trainer, product evangelist, or podcaster, just email bill@2minutetalktips.com.


In this episode, you’ll hear about just what it is PR professionals do and the things they work on while doing media training. While there’s an obvious surface level overlap between public speaking, ultimately it goes deeper. The core themes of defining and knowing your message, understanding your audience, and telling compelling stories that I talk about all the time on this show are also the core elements that Scott focuses on in his work with executives and media relations teams.


Scott spent 6 years as a reporter and anchor at Spokane’s KREM TV before moving into PR for nearly 20 years with Weber Shandwick and Verizon Wireless. He’s done media training, media relations, executive coaching and even more — all with a focus on putting people at the center of the story, distilling complex ideas into clear benefits.


'A lot of executives will have a bit of hubris. They're full of knowledge, information and all kinds of leadership skills, but overconfidence is an issue until they have a media interview...that goes south on them.' --… Click To Tweet


'If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.' -- @jack_welch @scottcharlston #publicspeaking #publicrelations #pr Click To Tweet 'As a PR person you need to be following that journalist on Twitter, and before you pitch him, you should be looking at the last 20, 30, 40 tweets.' -- @scottcharlston #publicspeaking #publicrelations #pr Click To Tweet

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