Episode 099 — Be Authentic and Understand Temperament with Coach K

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2-Minute Tip: Be Authentic


Present in a way that is true to yourself. Your content needs to resonate with you first, or it won’t resonate with your audience. When you can share a message that you are on board with, you can convincingly tell your story and you have the best opportunity to move your audience to take the action you want them to take. And isn’t that the point of all this?


'Every organization has its own culture. And most of that culture is a subset of the DNA of the founder -- of the entrepreneur that launched it no matter how many years ago that was.' -- @evankubicek #publicspeaking Click To Tweet


Post Tip Discussion


A lot of my guests appear on other podcasts — shocking, I know. Every show and host has their own perspective and the conversations are often unique. A couple months ago. I listened to some other shows an upcoming guest had been on, and I realized I needed to up my game and energy level to impress the guest. So I tried.


And it went — okay. The guest was happy, and after editing the episode was solid. But it wasn’t as good as it should have been, and I felt it at the time. And I was a little embarrassed at the end because I knew I didn’t do as well as I could have. Because I wasn’t myself.


I share this story because Evan Kubicek, AKA Coach K, is my guest this week, and fortunately, I was myself for this one.


Obviously we talk about speaking on this episode, and we also talk about sales and marketing. The focus of our conversation, though is on temperament and being authentic to who you are.


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Evan Kubicek HeadshotCoach K helps folks understand their temperaments — the core of who they are and how they work best. Being authentic to yourself is key to effective public speaking and core to professional success.


Coach K is a full time instructor at Indiana State University focused on Management, Leadership & Startups. He’s a very proud Father of 4 boys and married to the wife of his youth for 15+ years.


As a certified temperament analyst from the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling he has used the tool for nearly 10 years across 4 continents with hundreds of people in 1 on 1 sessions.



'I've met some incredible salespeople that are not that classic prototype of a salesperson.' -- @evankubicek #publicspeaking Click To Tweet




'Can you be an introverted salesperson? Absolutely…Can you be an extroverted salesperson? Absolutely! The problem is we try to make people do it all. ' -- @evankubicek #publicspeaking Click To Tweet


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