Episode 110 — Starting in the Deep End

  2-Minute Tip: Build a Team   Sometimes to get better, you may need help, and that’s okay. Hire a coach. Join Toastmasters. Ask a friend or colleague. Take an online course. Take a traditional course. Read a book. Subscribe to a podcast about public speaking   Or do all of the above. Or some combination of them.   The point is you can build expertise, or at the very…

Episode 082 — Act as If and Impostor Syndrome

2-Minute Tip: Act as If   When you are nervous, or think you don’t see,m confident, don’t tell yourself not to be nervous or just be more confident. That rarely works; it usually just makes things worse. Instead, think about other speakers you know who don’t appear nervous (they might actually be). How do the act? Can you adopt some of those behaviors? Try to act like you’re not nervous….