Episode 032 — Use Silence and 10 Parties to Think About


2-Minute Tip: Use Silence


Everything we do as speakers communicates something to the audience — how we move, how we dress, how we gesture, how we speak, and how we don’t speak.


Silence is a powerful tool. A speaker can use silence to:


  • Emphasize a point
  • Let your audience soak up information
  • Give your audience a break
  • Let the audience take notes
  • Get more detailed answers
  • Correct an error calmly


Don’t fear silence; embrace it.


Post Tip Discussion: 10 Parties to Think About


Successful public speaking involves more that just the speaker. It involves a public. There are a bunch of groups and individuals that influence your success or who are impacted by your success. This week, we talk about 10 of them


  1. Your boss
  2. Your SME (subject matter exert)
  3. Your colleagues who review stuff
  4. Your customers
  5. Your on-site contact
  6. Your AV team
  7. Your host
  8. Your previous speaker
  9. Your following speaker
  10. Your audience


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