Episode 033 — Dim the Lights and Read The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters



2-Minute Tip:  Dim the Lights


The data projector/projector screen combo has been a mainstay of the AV setup in conference rooms for years, but it can still be hard to see the visuals.


Data projectors have gotten brighter over the years, yet they still benefit from less ambient light. They tend to have a long lifecycle which means there are a lot of older, dimmer projectors still in use when you try to make an impact with your presentation and slides. If the room is too bright, your slides will look washed out and illegible. Instead of giving your audience an eye opening experience you’ll just be giving them eye strain.


Here are some ways to make your slides look better in a room that’s too bright:


  • Look for ways to make the area around the screen darker without putting yourself in the dark
  • Play with the light switches in the room to see if there is some way to shut off just a few of the lights
  • Close the blinds or curtains at any windows
  • Try repositioning the projector and screen so the screen is in a darker part of the room.
  • Contact the facilities department to remove some bulbs above the projector screen.
  • Make sure the projector is in full power mode instead of a low power eco mode.


Post Tip Discussion: Read The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters


Cover image of The Seven Strategies of Master PresentersOne of the great things about public speaking resources is that books more than 10 years old can still be relevant. I enjoyed the approach Bradley McRae and David Brooks take in this book (affiliate link) when they talk about prep work, storytelling, retention, and content development for speakers.


The seven strategies the explore are:

  • Strategy 1: Know Thy Audience
  • Strategy 2: Prepare Outstanding Content
  • Strategy 3: Use Superior Organization
  • Strategy 4: Develop Dynamic Delivery
  • Strategy 5: Make It Memorable, Actionable, and Transferable
  • Strategy 6: Manage Yourself, Difficult Participants, and Difficult Situations
  • Strategy 7: Total Quality Improvement


In this episode I take a deeper look at this book, share some key passages, and offer commentary on them.


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